Quarq gps for bikers (симпатичное устройство, описание на английском) E-mail
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15.05.2008 20:20

Прикольное устройство с фитнесс-функциями и GPS-системой. В английском не силен, чтобы переводить, но по картинкам и так все понятно...

Quarq is a GPS enabled trainer for cyclists. It just got the Australian International Design Award for the promise to revolutionize the way cyclists train.

Quarq works hand in hand with multiple sensors to record and display heart rate, power generated, exact location, temperature, cadence, torque, acceleration, and more. The device is made up of two pieces: Qranium and Cinqo. Qranium is the piece that attaches to your handlebar and carries the display and the GPS receiver; it does the computing part. Cinqo is the piece that attaches to your wheels to measure torque, power, etc.

cinqo-gps.jpgQranium - the computer and the display - uses 2.4 GHz digital wireless, is fully customizable, uses Linux OS, and runs on open source code. It comes with 512MB of memory. This will cost you only $995.

Cinqo - the power sensor - also uses 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology, is ANT+Sport compatible, has 10 Strain gages, and uses a replaceable CR2450 battery. Weighing only 130 grams it should not be too much of a hassle when climbing up hills. Cinqo sells for $1195. Yes, those prices are not typos.

More features of this high end trainer include waterproof, lightweight, and rugged body; and a 2.8? backlit display module. It seems like a device only pros can afford…

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